Nov 2, 2010

And day 1 is a bust!

What do you know, I'm behind already. I got a good 3k words written today... for a school paper on the Holocaust. Who knows, maybe a character will just happen to need to write a 10 page paper at some point, to escape an all-but-inevitable demise! The excitement! The suspense! Will Johnny finish his citations in time?!

So while I finally crack down, I am soliciting suggestions.

The Bible is a fucking awesome book. If you skip the genealogies and such, and actually read the thing, it's full of some crazy shit. Intrigue, murder, sex, talking animals, war, betrayal, rape, adventure, etc. It is definitely not child-safe, and certainly not something I am comfortable with so many people basing their system of morals on. But definitely awesome.

So I want to hear the nastiest, craziest, or silliest Bible story you can remember.

There's Lot's daughters getting daddy drunk and fucking him. There's the mauling of 42 children by bears. David collecting 200 foreskins for love.

What else is there?


  1. my favourite story has to be the burning bush, it gave me nightmares though.

  2. drinking the blood of sinners, heard it in a song once that was versed after the bible

  3. its been proven that when God smited the cities of sodom and gomorrah they were using nuclear weapons.